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    • Name:OFC OBM Filtration Reducer
    • ID:cp535
    • AddTime:2019-06-24
    • Hits:2826
    Product Detail

    Product Description

    OFC is a kind of OSR filtration control agent, which can effectively control the filtration loss of the oil-based drilling fluids. It can keep borehole stable and reduce the damage to the layer. OFC is the perfect filtration control agent applied in water in oil or oil based drilling fluids. The recommended dosage is 10.5-14.0 ppb.


    Technical Specification




    Black gray free-flowing powder

    Moisture, %


    FLAPI, mL

    Room temp. (25±3) ℃




    FLHTHP(150℃/3.5Mpa), mL


    Electricity stability, V




    Reduce the filtration loss effectively.

    Good thermal stability (up to 200℃), and is suitable for drilling deep wells and super-deep wells.

    Low requirement to the degree of mineralization of water.

    Compatible with other additives well.


    Package and Storage

    They shall be packaged in 25kg multi-wall paper sacks. They shall be stored in a shady, dry, and ventilated place.



    They shall be avoided contact with eyes, skins and clothes, otherwise flush it with water. Handling methods and dangerous data shall be referred to MSDS.