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    • Name:SHR-1 HT Modified Starch
    • ID:cp511
    • AddTime:2019-06-24
    • Hits:3787
    Product Detail

    Product Description

    SHR is modified starch by inserting hydration groups and high temperature stabilizer to improve the water solubility and temperature resistance (up to 140 ℃). And ensure its good fluid loss performance under both low and high temperature. SHR is an environmental friendly, low viscosity, salt resistance (up to saturation) filtration reducer. Its recommend dosage is 3.0 – 7.0ppb.


    Technical Specification




    White or light yellow free-flowing powder

    Moisture, %


    AV after 130℃ aging, mPa·S

    40 g/l saltwater slurry


    Saturated saltwater slurry


    FLAPI after 130℃ aging, ml

    40 g/l saltwater slurry


    Saturated saltwater slurry


    FLAPI in 2% CaCl2 solution, mL





    Reduce filtration loss effectively.

    Increase viscosity slightly.

    It is degradable, non-toxic and does not harm the environment.

    Perform well up to 140 ℃.

    Resist salt to saturation, reasonable calcium and magnesium resistance. so it can be applied in various drilling and completion fluids.

    Good filtration control performance under the condition of both low and high temperature, and has wide applicable temperature range.


    Package and Storage

    They shall be packaged in 25kg multi-wall paper sacks. They shall be stored in a shady, dry, and ventilated place.



    They shall be avoided contact with eyes, skins and clothes, otherwise flush it with water. Handling methods and dangerous data shall be referred to MSDS.