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    • Name:PANS Low Viscosity Polymer Filtration Reducer
    • ID:cp505
    • AddTime:2019-06-24
    • Hits:2972
    Product Detail

    Product Description

    PANS is the polymer fluid loss additive of amphoteric and temperature and salt resistance using redox initiator system by AM, AA, AMPS, SA and DMDAAC with water as solvent. PANS can reduce the filtration loss, improve the mud cake quality, has good ability of high temperature resistance, salt and calcium contamination resistance. PANS has low viscosity to mud system due to narrow molecular weight scale. It is especially suitable for freshwater, saltwater, seawater drilling and completion fluids. The recommend dosage is 3.0 – 7.0ppb.

    Technical Specification




    White or light yellow powder



    Apparent Viscosity (1% water solution), mPa·s


    Effective content, %


    FLAPI after 150℃/16h  Aging, mL

    Freshwater Mud


    Composite saltwater mud




    Low viscosity effect, can be used for high density drilling fluid due to slight impact to rheology.

    Reduce filtration effectively with low dosage.

    Improve mud cake quality and inhibit clay dispersing.

    Perform well up to 170 ℃, can be used in deep wells.

    Resist salt to saturation and resist calcium and magnesium well. It can be applied in freshwater, saltwater, saturated saltwater and seawater drilling and completion fluids.

    Pilot test is recommended before its used in KCl and Polyamine and other strong inhibition drilling fluids.

    Package and Storage

    They shall be packaged in 25kg multi-wall paper sacks. They shall be stored in a shady, dry, and ventilated place.


    They shall be avoided contact with eyes, skins and clothes, otherwise flush it with water. Handling methods and dangerous data shall be referred to MSDS.