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    The company has established advanced and perfect internal control system and quality control system, passed API spec Q1 and API 13A certification, ISO 9001 quality management system certification, 14001 environmental system certification, 18001 occupational safety and health system certification, HSE health safety and environmental protection system certification and CNPC oilfield chemical agent quality certification.
    Quality Policy
    Integrity Management, Quality Assurance
    Customer First, Continuous Improvement
    Quality Objectives
    The pass rate of one-time inspection is 98%.
    Customer Satisfaction Over 95%
    HSE Policy
    Safety first, prevention first; all hands-on, comprehensive management;
    Improve the environment, protect health; scientific management, continuous improvement
    HSE Objectives
    All kinds of waste gas, solid waste and noise control meet the requirements of relevant national laws and regulations.
    Safety incidents such as mechanical injury, electric shock, fire and poisoning are zero.
    No serious casualties occurred.
    No more than two minor injuries per year and no more than one per year after three years
    Occupational disease incidence is zero