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    Chines | English
    Uzbekistan clients come to DSY company for technical communication
    Add time:2023-6-5 9:49:32  Author:  From:  Hits:224

        On June 4, 2023, Uzbek clients came to DSY company for technical communication and made field visits to the oilfield chemical engineering center (OCEC) and production base. DSY company's copolymer filtration reducer DSP-1, highly purity sulfonated asphalt FF-1, EP lubricant for high-density drilling fluid HEP-1 have achieved good application results in the field construction of this clients’ high-performance WBM.

         At the technical exchange meeting, the general manager of DSY company, Wang Shuyong, and relevant personnel had in-depth discussion with Uzbek clients on the company's new drilling fluid systems, new products, new technologies and international market developing cooperation. Through communication, clients have gained a more comprehensive understanding of DSY company's R&D capacity, technology strength, production capacity, and service quality and have given a high praise. Both parties have reached many consensus on further international market developing cooperation, drilling fluid technology supporting, and diversified cooperation methods.