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    Chines | English
    Oman Merchants Visited Deshunyuan Company for Cooperation
    Add time:2023-5-31 17:09:41  Author:  From:  Hits:206

          On May 25,2023, drilling fluid experts and supply chain experts from Oman International Petroleum & Energy Services Co LLC reached our company for technical exchanges and business negotiations. The company leaders gave a warm reception after their arrival. The two experts visited the Oilfield Chemical Engineering Center(OCEC)jointly built by the company and China University of Petroleum ( East China ), which was rated as the key laboratory of green drilling fluid treatment agent in Dongying City. After the visit, the two sides had in-depth and friendly exchanges at the headquarters. We made a detailed introduction to the production capacity, scientific R&D equipment, and answered the customer 's technical consultation. The two experts expressed their appreciation and high evaluation for the technological R&D strength and production capacity. Meantime, they introduced the business scope and platform advantages of Oman International company and they hoped to cooperate as soon as possible. At the meeting, they proposed a variety of cooperation methods and initially determined the intention of cooperation.