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    Chines | English
    Another National Invention Patent Has Been Authorized
    Add time:2021-9-27 10:11:59  Author:  From:  Hits:1370

    On September 10, 2021, another invention patent of DSY company was authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office. The name of this patent is "A micro-nano anti-collapse plugging additive for drilling fluid and its preparation method", and the patent number is ZL 201810536430.3.

    The invention discloses a micro-nano anti-collapse plugging additive for drilling fluid and a preparation method thereof, and the product named nano polyester NP-1 for drilling fluid is prepared by this method. Nano polyester NP-1 for drilling fluid is a viscoelastic micro-nano polymer particle plugging material processed by special process. The nano particle size distribution and viscoelastic deformable characteristics of NP-1 enable it to enter the microfractures and bedding of shale formation and play an effective role in plugging and collapse prevention; NP-1 has strong dispersion ability and high stability. The performance index and effect of the NP-1 are equivalent to those of foreign nano products, and filling the domestic blank of high temperature resistant (220 ℃) non-fluorescent nano polymer plugging anti-collapse additive.