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    Chines | English
    Company Held Spring Fire Drills
    Add time:2021-3-15 14:09:00  Author:王亮  From:沾化分公司  Hits:1653

    On March 12, 2021, the fire accident emergency drill was carried out in the polymer section according to the overall arrangement and activity implementation plan "emergency drill plan for work safety accidents". The production director of the branch company is the commander in chief, the team leader is the deputy commander in chief, and each department of the company sends 2 employees and management personnel to participate in or observe the drill.

    This drill simulated fire accident caused by static electricity due to leakage acrylic acid pump in polymer section. The response link was started in the on-site drill. After receiving the alarm information, the management personnel at all levels quickly assembled. According to the on-site fire assessment, the emergency Commander in chief Zang Yunfu immediately launched the company's on-site emergency plan for fire accident, went to the scene to command. The emergency team members should cooperate with each other, increase the number of on-site staff to deal with the initial fire danger, block and guard the scene of the accident, count the evacuation personnel, and implement road traffic control. The scene confirmed that the fire had been put out, no one was injured and trapped, and the drill was successfully completed.

    The fire emergency drill took one hour and all the drill subjects were completed one by one, so as to achieve the goal of promoting actual combat with drill and taking preventive measures. Through the drill, the participating staff and management personnel have mastered the on-site disposal methods and escape skills in case of fire at the production site, enhanced the staff's fire safety awareness and self-rescue and mutual rescue skills, and also implemented the fire safety education of the company.